On Tuesday, May 14, Andrew Wiggins committed to play basketball at Kansas. Wiggins is the #1 high school recruit in the nation and has received as much hype as any top basketball prospect since LeBron James. Wiggins’ decision came out of left field, as many recruiting “experts” thought he’d select Kentucky or Florida State. Kentucky seemed to be an obvious choice, given their already stellar 2013 class, and both of Wiggins’ parents attended FSU. UNC was another school among Wiggins’ favorites, but seemed to have an outside shot at him similar to Kansas. Ultimately, Wiggins proudly chose the Jayhawks, creating an immediate social media explosion. As you might expect, fans of the losing teams went to Twitter to express their pleasure that Wiggins made the best possible choice for his personal happiness:

Oh. Maybe not. Though I don’t know exactly what being “gaped” entails (and I’m choosing to ignore “tares”), this tweet has some serious negative connotations! Luckily, I’m here to do what we at DCIAB seemingly do best: make fun of idiots on social media websites. Surely there must be some Kentucky fans taking this with class though, right? Kentucky fans are known for their kindness, even in the face of their team failing.

See? Obviously this person is upset about Wiggins, and that’s understandable, but he chooses not to resort to petty insults! He merely takes it in stride, swallows his lumps, and moves along. It is worth noting, however, that this tweet was posted a couple hours after the announcement. I wonder what his initial reaction was…

Whoops! I guess this isn’t the best example. I probably could’ve taken the “69” in his Twitter handle as a hint that he may not be inclined to offer a mature response when things don’t go his way. Obviously these ridiculous Twitter reactions represent a small percentage of a team’s fans, but it certainly doesn’t help their collective image. It seems that Kentucky fans were the most extreme, but this is not all that surprising. Once a coach starts pulling in a huge number of top recruits, it’s only natural to assume that every single one will attend your school. And even if the best high school player since King James decides not to, who needs them anyway, am I right?!


Though they were certainly the most… enthusiastic fans on Twitter, supporters of Big Blue Nation were not alone in their rage. Florida State fans may have gotten the worst of the Andrew Wiggins announcement. As mentioned previously, both of Wiggins’ parents were Seminoles, so it seemed likely. Additionally, many believed that Wiggins would avoid Kentucky because of all the talent already in Lexington. They would probably be able to squeeze a little extra room in the rotation for a player like Wiggins, but at Florida State, Wiggins would be the unquestioned leader of the team from day one. FSU would immediately go from a mediocre ACC team to a top-tier conference threat. On the plus side, FSU fans on Twitter were very realistic about their chances next year without a star like Wiggins:

While a bit of an extreme reaction, at least Beau quickly came to grips with the new reality of a depressing post-Wiggins life. Others, however, were not so accepting:

But of course! Coming off a .500 record in the ACC and an 0-5 W/L record against top 25 teams, it’s reasonable to expect a national championship next year for the ‘Noles. Not to mention, they finally got rid of that pesky Michael Snaer, a senior who led them in points per game (14.8) in the 2012-2013 season. That guy was really bad, and totally not clutch at all during his career at FSU. They will not miss his unimportant contributions.

And this:

Just seems unlikely.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Tarheels of North Carolina:

At least this guy is creative! There are countless “I hope you tear your ACL and blow up and die” tweets out there, but this is the only one I could find that straight up calls for a natural disaster. How pleasant! UNC fans were pretty well-behaved overall, but you may be interested to know that THERE IS A PSYCHIC AMONG US:

Wait for it…. Wait for it…. Annnnnndddd…

Beautifully prognosticated, sir! I suppose you could label this another Unnecessary Rage Over Dumb Facebook Statuses piece, but the magnitude of these posts seemed to deserve more than that in my mind. Hopefully this hasn’t destroyed your faith in humanity too much. I assure you, the number of people who felt morally obligated to berate these idiots was far greater than the number of perpetrators. I suppose I could’ve shown you some excited and uplifting pro-Kansas tweets, but let’s be honest, they’re all probably getting hit with that tornado anyway.