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Believe it or not, we actually attend class and do schoolwork (albeit some more than others; some being Matt and Bob, others being me), so blogging isn’t exactly something we have a ton of time for with finals coming up. With that in mind, here is a totally mailed in DCIAPC due to finals coming up and work bringing the world down around us! Sorry we’re not sorry.

Fret not, this is not our final DCIAPC of the season. Bowls are coming up and we will pick at least some of them (picking all of them as previously stated here would be quite over the top). We’re not sure of the format yet, but picking five games a week leading up to the big bowls and then picking the five BCS games in our final DCIAPC of the season seems likely. Stay tuned.


  1. Bob 42-27-1
  2. Matt 39-30-1
  3. Harry 29-40-1

And the peanut gallery! As always, standings are listed by total wins, not winning percentage.

  1. Creed Tucker 31-32
  2. Michael W 26-27-1
  3. Thomas Bechtel 25-19-1
  4. Arnim Whisler 25-24-1
  5. Katy Weeks 22-26-1
  6. Ben Greene 16-23-1
  7. Bobby 14-16
  8. Andrew Kelley 13-16-1
  9. mdrose16 6-15
  10. Nik Valdiserri 5-10

Here are the five games for this week. The lines come from Vegas Insider and all game times are eastern. Rankings reflect the BCS Standings.

#17 Oklahoma at #6 Oklahoma State (-10.5), Noon, ABC

Pretty simple Big 12 Championship situation: The Cowboys win it by beating the Sooners, but a loss gives that honor to the winner of Saturday afternoon’s Texas-Baylor tilt.

SEC Championship Game: #5 Missouri at #3 Auburn (-2), 4, CBS 

Can you really say that either of these teams deserve to be in the National Championship game over Alabama? While I’m no Alabama fan, even I would say there’s clearly no one-loss team in the nation (and quite possibly no team in the nation at all) better than the Tide. All of that said, is it absolutely hilarious that their National Championship hopes are virtually nil and their fans are all making asses of themselves because they can’t handle even losing a single game? Yes. Yes it is. [Ed Matt: The Upset of the Week is Harry finishing an entire paragraph about the SEC without A. Making a remark about racism, B. Saying Roll “____”, or C. Writing something I disagree with. I am confused.]

Pac-12 Championship Game: #7 Stanford at #11 Arizona State (-3), 7:45, ESPN

They have sports on the West Coast?

#ACC4Lyfe!!! Championship Game: #20 Duke at #1 Florida State (-29), 8, ABC

Look for Duke fans to start flaunting their academic superiority to Florida State early and often in this one. It’s all they’ll have left.

Big Ten Championship Game: #2 Ohio State (-5.5) at #10 Michigan State, 8:17, FOX

Think Ohio State has been the best team in the Big Ten this season? Let’s put that to the test using Ohio State and Michigan State’s common opponents. They played six, with each school playing three at home and three on the road. Since I love using tables to break things down, here’s a look at how that went (with pretty colors!!!):


Ohio State

Michigan State














34-30 (Not counting that last TD)





Average Points For



Average Points Against



Average Margin of Victory



Point Ratio

1.86 to 1

3.21 to 1 (!!!!!!!)

Still think OSU is the Big Ten’s best team? Even though they played higher scoring games, their margin of victory was smaller than MSU’s. And when you thrown in the scoring metric that actual matters, you see this isn’t even close. Michigan State scored more than three times as many points as their opponents in these six games. If you want to argue that the Big Ten doesn’t deserve to be a football conference anymore, here’s your proof. It’s also proof you might want to reconsider this whole thing about the Buckeyes being the cream of the conference.

Harry’s Picks

OU vs OKST Let’s play a fun game! It’s called “Guess The Last Time Oklahoma State Won By Less Than Ten”! As you would presume, the object of the game is to guess the last time Oklahoma State won by less than ten. Take a minute to place your guess. Ready? No?! Seriously just guess a date. Shut up, this isn’t stupid. IT’S OCTOBER 5TH, OKAY?! Jeez I was just trying to have some fun with this, you didn’t have to be like that. Anyway, the Cowboys have really rounded into form and—while a potential backdoor cover does scare me—they should have no problem covering this spread. Oklahoma State -10.5

MIZZ vs AUB Wait, Auburn is a favored in this game? If you want some free money, call up your bookie and bet Mizzou. This is by far the easiest pick of the week. The Tigers of Mizzourah +2

STAN vs ASU I realize the Sun Devils are at home this time around and have played excellently in recent weeks, but remember when these two tangled earlier this year? The Cardinal only won 42-28, but they led 32-7 at one point. With that in mind, I’m happy to take the Cardinals plus the points. Stanford +3

DUKE vs FSU This one is a coin flip game. FSU is monstrous and will destroy Duke, but seeing as the Seminoles do have some class and are averse to running up the score too much, it’s easy to see Duke losing this one by 24-28. People have bet against the Blue Devils all year and time and time again they proved the doubters wrong. I BELIEVE IN DUKE! I BELIEVE THEY’LL LOSE BY FOUR TOUCHDOWNS OR LESS! Duke +29


Last week: 2-3 (again)

Season: 29-40-1 (guh)

Bob’s Picks

OU vs OKST Harry’s dumb game was actually pretty intelligent. Oklahoma State has posted week after week of impressive results since that inexcusable loss to West Virginia, while Oklahoma has two brutal losses. However, the combination of Harry picking Oklahoma State and the thought of Big Game Bob coming off a bye week to at least cover scares me away here. After looking through a bunch of stats that are probably pointless, everything points to Oklahoma State winning handily, so I’m going against the holy “go with your gut” rule that never makes any sense. Oklahoma State -10.5

MIZZ vs AUB A bunch of idiots are going to bet on Auburn here, but they obviously haven’t watched either of these teams play this year. Missori has ONE LOSS IN DOUBLE OVERTIME TO THE #8 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY and have been consistently good against a tough slate of opponents. Auburn cannot say the same despite their sexy win last weekend that never should have happened, sort of like their previous win that never should have happened, not to mention their many narrow wins over bad teams and loss to a not-great LSU team. Don’t get me wrong, Auburn is a great team, but the numbers don’t stack up in their favor here. As Colin Cowherd mentioned on his radio show this week, Auburn fans are going nuts asserting themselves over Ohio State, but they are somehow forgetting that they’re playing a team that is better than they are this Saturday. Missouri +2

STAN vs ASU Good friends of the blog will know that I’ve been praising the Sun Devils this year, but it’s hard to justify picking them to beat Stanford after what happened in their first matchup, as Harry mentioned. Stanford +3

DUKE vs FSU I totally agree with what Harry said here. Florida State should win handily, but Duke is a far far better team than all of these scrubs that Florida State has been trouncing week in and week out. [ED Harry: Go ‘Canes!] Twenty-nine points are just too many here. Duke +29

OSU vs MSU The goal of this blog for Harry is just to find some reason every week to explain why he doesn’t like Ohio State. [In complete honesty, I started that exercise with no idea of the outcome; it just confirmed what I believed. Also, just as a minor note, THEY GAVE UP 41 POINTS TO MOTHER#@!&ING MICHIGAN! DUDE! MICHIGAN COULDN’T SCORE ON NORTHWESTERN FOR FOUR QUARTERS!!!!] While they’re not the #2 team in the country in my opinion, basically everyone is saying that so it’s not even worth arguing that. So many people are calling them overrated that I in fact think they are underrated at this point. There’s lots of talent on both sides of the ball for the Buckeyes, but after seeing both of these teams play in person, Michigan State definitely impresses me more. I think they’re one of the most underrated teams in the country, with their one fluky loss coming weeks ago when the team was much worse than they are in their current form. Fuck, Harry and I are agreeing on all five this week. Not sure if that’s a bad sign for me or a good sign for him. Michigan State +5.5

Last week: 4-1

Season: 42-27-1

Matt’s Picks

Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooo.

OU vs OKST As the previous two said, a backdoor cover definitely scares me here. That said, Oklahoma has regressed to their typical 20th-best-ish team quality this year, and I expect Oklahoma State to put up a boatload of points on them. Oklahoma State -10.5 (Oklahoma State 48, Oklahoma 31)

MIZZ vs AUB The problem with me being the last to do my analysis each week (for the record this is no one’s fault but mine) is that the Bob has already made all the good points and Harry has already used up the quality dumb jokes. The struggle is real. Mizzou should win this one, by the way. Mizzou +2 (That rhymes wow cool) (Tigers 27, Tigers 23)

STAN vs ASU Once again, same analysis as the other two here. Hard to pick against Stanford when they already dominated ASU this year, even though ASU has definitely been better of late. The only thing the other two failed to mention is that ASU will also be without Marion Grice, their #1 running back. While the offense will still put up some points, it’ll be tough to contend with Stanford. I think the Cardinal finish off their Rose Bowl bid in style, winning by double digits. Stanford +3 (Stanford 34, Arizona State 23)

DUKE vs FSU Ooooooof. This spread is laaaaaarrrrrgggggeeee. Before I reveal my pick, may I just say that there’s no way FSU would interrupt Sportscenter today to announce that Jameis is being arrested. He clearly got off. [Ed Harry: Word choice!] Just wanted to let everyone know so there wouldn’t be any fake suspense. Now that I’m done with that, FSU -29 BECAUSE I CAN OKAY. Florida State -29 (Florida State 56, Duke 24) (oh my god that’s so many points holy crap)

OSU vs MSU I’m actually going with a different argument than the other two on this one. While I completely agree that Michigan State is a really, really good team and deserves a Rose Bowl bid even in defeat, I’m starting to really believe in Ohio State. I have no idea why one of their worst defensive performances of the season (against Michigan) would make me think they’ll come out strong against MSU, but here we are. Perhaps that’s just my mind fighting against the annoying arguments that Auburn deserves a BCS Championship bid over OSU, but again, here we are. I think Ohio State has one of their best performances of the year against MSU and covers late in the game, leaving next-to-no doubt about their title aspirations. Ohio State -5.5 (Ohio State 28, MSU 20)

Last week: 3-2

Season: 39-30-1