Hey all, Bob here. I have no beef at all with Western Michigan – in fact, I have been quite complimentary of the Broncos this year – but as its record has improved to 10-0, the hype has gotten a little out of hand. ESPN’s College GameDay will travel to wherever Western Michigan is located for a game against a terrible Buffalo team this Saturday, while many have argued for the Broncos’ inclusion in an access bowl. Here is my opinion on the topic:

It’s important to remember that we can be impressed by Western Michigan’s ability to blow through its peers while simultaneously understanding that it is not as good as dozens of other football teams. I look forward to the Broncos’ matchup next Friday with Toledo, who is not very good yet far better than any non-Northwestern team Western Michigan has faced.

In last week’s action,


  • Justin Verlander won the popular vote, but Rick Porcello won the Electoral College.
  • The Cleveland Indians blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series.
  • Northwestern (-13.5), after going down 10-0, left West Lafayette with an easy 45-17 win.
  • Baylor lost its third straight game after starting the season 6-0, while Oklahoma (-17.5) looks to have turned around its rocky start.
  • Miami (-10.5) won easily over Virginia in a game I know nothing about.
  • Wisconsin (-26.5) absolutely demolished Illinois and any faith the three of us had in Illinois covering such a steep spread on a low-scoring team.
  • USC (+8.5) defeated undefeated Washington on the road and looks to be one of the best teams in the country after an embarrassing start.
  • Harry remains an asshole despite a 1-4 week, while I am now tied with Matt.
Season Last Week
Harry 31-25 (.554) 1-4
Matt 23-33 (.411) 1-4
Bob 23-33 (.411) 2-3

Every single person in the peanut gallery correctly picked Miami and incorrectly picked Illinois and Washington.

Win Percentage Season Record
Bernie .615 26-18 2-3
Sam .571 25-20 1-2
Lee .536 30-26 2-3
Jacob .509 28-27 2-3
Mike .490 25-26 2-3
Drew .478 22-24
Creed .446 25-31 2-3
Julian .413 19-27
Bobby .375 12-20

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Onto this week’s games. Times are in Central because I’m a self-centered millennial, and lines from ESPN.com for the same reason.

Iowa (-9.5) at Illinois, 11 AM, BTN

Harry: Jeff George Jr. will win a Heisman before I pick Illinois again. Iowa -9.5

Matt: Illinois +20.5, but Iowa -9.5

Bob: Even without the big win against Michigan last week, I would have said this line is too narrow. I’m honestly surprised it didn’t overreact more after each team’s performances last week. Iowa has proven nearly every week that it’s a decent team; Illinois has proven every week it’s very bad. Iowa -9.5

Miami (-3) at NC State, 11:30 AM, ACCN

Harry: This is a real land mine of a line, with a pair of suuuuper inconsistent teams. I’ll take the home team with the points, but I wouldn’t even dream of touching this game with real money. NC State +3

Matt: Picking the Miami game each week is basically just a guess at whether they’ll try, because they have more talent than just about any ACC team. I’ll say…. they try. Miami -3

Bob: NC State has put in respectable performances against Clemson and Florida State, but also has a number of baaaad losses. I would, of course, feel more comfortable here if Miami were at home, but I like Miami to come away with another nice win. Miami -3

Northwestern (-2) at Minnesota, 2:30 PM, BTN

Harry: Northwestern continues to play quite well, but as always, it’s hard for me to pass up home underdogs in fairly even games. Minnesota +2

Matt: Northwestern has superior coaching, and they have that insane Carr guy. Cats continue to be the class of the mid tier Big Ten teams. Northwestern -2

Bob: These teams appear to be roughly even; I simply think Northwestern is a little better when looking at both teams’ overall bodies of work. Northwestern -2

#22 Washington State at #10 Colorado (-4), 2:30 PM, FOX

Harry: Give me Mike Leach and the points or give me death. Wazzu +4

Matt: Definitely more confident in Leach’s Wazzu handling the pressure of a huge game like this than the Buffs. But I’m hoping Colorado proves me wrong! Wazzu +4

Bob: Washington State has won eight games in a row! But none of those opponents are very good! Colorado also has eight wins! But none of those opponents are very good! Overall, it looks like Colorado really is the better team, with the losses coming in close games at Michigan and at USC. I’m happy to only give up four points here, especially on that mediocre Washington State defense. Colorado -4

#9 Oklahoma (-3.5) at #14 West Virginia, 7 PM, ABC

Harry: I’m with Bob on this one. Oklahoma -3.5

Matt: Easy one for me. Nobody has tested West Virginia yet. Oklahoma -3.5

Bob: West Virginia has a somewhat similar situation to the two PAC-12 teams above: impressive record but hasn’t been tested that much. Oklahoma’s early losses are feeling more and more distant, but I have to think the two losses and lack of a Big 12 title game will definitely keep the Sooners out of the College Football Playoff. Still, I think Oklahoma is the better team, and I’m willing to lay the few points on the road. I’m taking all five favorites this week, albeit with all of them being narrow favorites. Oklahoma -3.5