Don't Call It A Bromance

Three amigos, one blog.

Matt’s Bio

Just try to take your eyes off that hair
     Casually looking like an idiot, as always

My name is Matt Silich, and I’m from the North suburbs of Chicago. I’m also a freshman at the University of Illinois, pursuing a degree in Industrial engineering. I’ve spent most of my teenage life absorbing all of the sports information possible, and I don’t regret a single minute of it. An overwhelming majority of my nights end around three a.m. with me passed out on my bed in some ridiculous position with my laptop open (often to Twitter, @msilich2) and no pillow in sight.

Though I’ve chosen engineering, I consider myself pretty well-rounded intellectually, and I certainly enjoy writing when presented with the opportunity. I’m a stubborn, opinionated individual, but I tend to hold back my controversial ideas in conversation. Ideally, this blog will provide a nice outlet for the thoughts that I would typically be reluctant to share. I’ve always been passionate about interacting with and entertaining people, something I certainly want to accomplish with this blog.

I’m sure the prominent themes of the blog will iron themselves out more over time, but for now it’s just a soundboard for any and all ideas. At the very least, I guarantee that you won’t be seeing too many irrelevant lists on here. This isn’t Bleacher Report, we aren’t going to resort to “THE TOP 25 WORST CARLOS MARMOL APPEARANCES OF ALL TIME” for page views (And if it were up to me, Marmol wouldn’t even have accumulated that many in the first place). I can only hope that Harry, Bob, and I will be able to find a few people who enjoy our ramblings.

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